We all complain about maladministration and poor governance in this country yet we are the cause of these menace,  how? 
Every four years we have the opportunity of deciding who leads us for the next four years, but we have underestimated our power to decide because we believe our votes doesn’t count.
Here is my stand, I believe that the reason why some people still manipulate elections result is because we don’t use our power in mass, I heard of the story of Abiola’s election people voted for whom the wanted and even the military could not rigg the result because people used their power of decision in mass. 
Nowadays the story has changed,  people will not even come out to register for voters card, and even if they do the registration they won’t come for their voters card to enable them to vote. Even the ones who collect their voters card do that because they believed it’s their ATM  during elections yet they won’t exercise their civic responsibility/right. 
We now sit down and await results of election only to start creating different stories of election rigging and so on even those that did not vote. And soon enough, we will start complaining about poor performance from those elected and lament that if somebody else had won things would have been better, we now forget we had the power to determine who should be there or not. 

Like I will always say,  if we vote for the right person irrespective of our differences no force can stand against our decision because it will be obvious if any form of manipulation surfaces.
Likewise in our schools (universities) today the mood is the same.  So many students scream the names of their preferred aspirants but will vote for them during the election. Their excuses ranges from “the management already knows who will emerge” it’s a lecture free day so I will wash and rest at home, “who dem epp?”  “I can not queue for one student”,  and so on. We students forget that these people will be representing our interest even if they will compromise we still have the power to remove them.
AAUASU ELECTION is fast approaching yet so many students are yet to do their accreditation to enable them to be eligible to vote. After the election, same people will be the first to claim that “the so called management candidate emerged” or “it is not who we expected that won”, you can not expect what you did not work for. 

Until we stop this act of voting apathy before we get the right leaders in this country and our institutions.
This is a clarion call to all NIGERIANS let’s embrace voting during elections, it is our right and our responsibility.
God bless Nigeria 

God bless AAUA. 

I am IMPACT (mouthpiece for sanity)

Part II student of the department of mass communication, Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba Akoko, Ondo state.


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