We now live in a century where anyone who has the ability to join two or more words together can venture into blogging, while some bloggers are really making their cool cash, some are desperate in using theirs for Political ambitions, victimization of their opponents and leaders, and also for Cheap political propaganda. 
I still need to question the existence and stand of AAUA NUCJ, are you just there like P in Psychology or like K in Knife? How come individuals, ASSOCIATIONS, Faculties, among others,  are being victimized, brutalized and rubbished through the use of “blog” and nothing has been/could be done about it? 
How could someone who was sent to a great citadel of learning like AAUA, attend NASS inauguration ceremony and couldn’t write on his blog about their SRC elections despite boasting and acclaiming himself as a blogger? What a waste of money and time! News about how the inauguration went wasn’t blogged, outcome of the house elections and those who emerged as the SPEAKER, DSP, CHIEF WHIP and PS weren’t his concerns anyway, as his blog has nothing good and meaningful to offer. But this moribund and pitiable blogger went online to drop two updates which read “HEATED EXCHANGE OF WORDS AT NASS INAUGURATION”  and    “DIVISION SETS IN AT FACULTY OF SCIENCE”. 

I was at the inauguration and I didn’t hear such a thing throughout the program, everyone who were there apart from the blogger who wants to vitiate the Unity and Love among NASSITES all testified to the fact that such incidents never happened. I was flabbergasted when I opened my whatsapp only to see their uncultured and unguided article flying and popping across whatsapp groups. I have been monitoring your blog for over two months and you have mentioned the name “FACULTY OF SCIENCE” time and overtime in articles that are rough, disparaging and insultive. If you concentrate more on your studies like the way you’re having your attention focused on FACULTY OF SCIENCE, I’m sure avers would be smiling on you right now. 
Whoever is in charge of PHILONOTITIA or whatever they call themselves should understand the concept of blogging, if possible, kindly see Pman (Oasis) and BigBoluet (AAUA FORUM) for materials on INTRODUCTION TO BLOGGING (BLG 101). I’d have loved to throw in some heavy words on you guys, because you’re not just Stupid and immature, but you’re a disgrace to the world of CAMPUS JOURNALISM. You allowed elections affairs to preside over your duty, you allowed personal hatred towards FACULTY OF SCIENCE to reflect in your blog, you’re just so “ANTI – SCIENCE”. There is no space for “PHILONOTITIA” in AAUA JOURNALISM ! You guys are Criminals, Rogues and the basis and essence of your blog needs to be questioned. 
Those who started “PHILONOTITIA” created it for a better purpose, but the current people managing this “so called thing” have deviated from the initial purpose of creating it. I’m sure the founders made a mistake of trusting you guys with it, because all you have been doing is to damage and poison the mind which is against your framed motto “liberating the mind through Reasoning”. 
A word is enough for the wise, ojo ti shigidi ba fe te, a ni ki won gbe oun losodo lowe. To whom BRAIN is given, essential SENSE is needed! 
Temitope O. Eyinla (BOUBOW IKA)


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