#lifeinaaua: Exclusive Birthday Shutout to Bisola’Beecute’

#lifeinaaua Exclusive #surprisemyfriend​ ​11th April 2017

Whatever dream you’re dreaming May each one of them come true Whatever plans you’re making May they all work out for you in Jesus name.. Happy Birthday! (from Bros J) 

Full Name: Omoloja Bisola Esther 


Date Of Birth:11th April 

State Of Origin:Ondo state 


Department: Adult Education– 300L


About Me:I’m fun to be with, accommodating, jovial, I’m a feminist, caring ND brave

Likes And Dislikes:I like exploring new things but I hate being taken for granted

Favorite Quotes:All will be well 

Facebook Name: Omoloja Bisola beecute 

Instagram Handle: Mhiz_Beecute
​You can wish the celebrant on our facebook/Instagram platform​

​​​​​​​Happy Birthday to you from #teamLIA​​​​​​​

​​​To give someone a surprise shout out #surprisemyfriend or birthday greetings or you personally want to wish yourself, kindly contact us below..​​​

​​​​​Contact #teamLIA​​​​​

CeeJay LIA™:- 09053667926


IG/TW: @lifeinaaua


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