Good Day AAUITES, hope you all doing good? Though I couldn’t here. I woke up around 12:15am and I began to think about what could have been our great offence, I was thinking maybe it was the offence of our fathers, or maybe there is a form of hatred towards this Institution and the community. 
Even if the witches and wizards are playing draughts on the issue of Rain, as most Nigerians believed in cases like this, what has happened to our Electricity? Wondering if the masts around here are actually ours, because you can hardly stream a video of 5 seconds without a network problem even when you’re some meters away their so called “masts”. 
As a student, have you ever observed if anything is working for we students? How can there be just three banks and Two-and-a-half ATM Machines in a School where there are over 15,000 students with an assumed number of over 2000 staff? Is it that the management refuses to give room to the other banks to come in? How come there is no Bank Hall/ATM Centre in the whole community (excluding those inside the institution) ? I was at the ATM Centre few days ago and I realized I spent over 2 hours before it could get to my turn, this same two hours would have been used to study or take care of any given assignment. I used to weep bitterly deep inside of me whenever I see Lecturers speaking ATM GRAMMARS “I came here before you, you met me here, didn’t you see me here”. There is even this Bank who kept her Machines inside the Bank Hall and which will be locked after closing hours and weekends. We’ve been to other institutions, we actually know how it should be, but what’s really happening here? Well, seems we’re perfectly okay with the system. 
If one should write about Electricity, it’ll actually be a lengthy one. Hercules, 2017 said “Government don’t even need to provide any job opportunity; give the whole country light and job will be created….” still wondering how 4 Local Governments, whose population when combined together is greater than some countries which I won’t mention, would be in total darkness for days, months and years. Shaking my head. I won’t say much on this. Students now have to enter the school just to charge between the hours of 7pm to 9pm (which is fluctuating these days), some would be seen loitering around Barber’s Shop, Game House, View centers etc, just to charge. Some even have Generator alert system in their ears, they’ll be the first person to know when a Generator is being powered on by someone far away from their location. Ha! Aiye ma nicker oo :'(:'(:'(
Just last week, I got infuriated by the services being rendered by one of the top Network Providers in this country, I tried to call their customer care and it was during the conversation I got to know that AAUA is not even on these guys priority, the services they’re rendering to us here can only be compared to that of villages where one has to climb a tree before making a phone call. 
Gone are those days when Government and top dignitaries in town would provide social amenities for their society, they’d rather package “Ghana Must Go” to each unit, ward and local government during elections. They’d rather waste money on remembrance of their late grandfathers and great grandmothers. Students are suffering, lecturers and villagers are suffering, one has to trek some kilometers just to fetch a bucket of sandish-brown water. Shey na like this we go dey dey? 

Building of more Banking Halls, ATM GALLERIES (at least 3 Galleries), Restoration of Electricity by BEDC or whatever they call themselves, Provision of 21st Century Network by “our so called service providers” and Provision of pipe borne Water by the Government and willing individuals, are the basic ways AAUA can truly become a 21st Century Properly Called. Until then, let’s just keep mute and maintain the name “AAUA” with no other swag or brag. 
#A write-up from a fed up Student. In fact, O ti Zun mi, shogun laiye ni? 

Temitope O. Eyinla (BOUBOW IKA)




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