#lifeinaaua: About Dreamchasers Awards 2017

DREAMCHASERS AWARDS 2017 is an award put inplace to celebrate a few-selected aauite (Undergraduate & Alumni) who have been up&doing in their HUSTLE.

This is not your regular Award,this is an award for people that are HUSTLE-certified,this is an award for the #WhoIsWho in AAUA,this is an award for DREAMCHASERS… Are U a DREAMCHASER??

DREAMCHASERS AWARDS 2017 is NOT a voting-categorised award type. It is an award based on MERIT. MERIT to the organisers means “WHAT WE SEE”&” WHAT WE KNOW “…Trust us,we know and see more than u think,cos we got out eyes and ears EVERYWHERE!!!. DREAMCHASERS AWARDS 2017 will hold live at the EXCLUSIVE MASK PARTY 3 at the Prestigious Premiere Pierre Hotels on Saturday,May 6th 2017.

Categories for DREAMCHASERS AWARDS 2017 will drop by 8pm Saturday 8th April 2017 (This Saturday)

15 Categories, Two Events, One Venue!

Get ready for the DREAMCHASERS!!!
#teamLIA #aaua #maskparty3 #zealconcept #lifeinaaua


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