Good day ladies and gentlemen of the press. 
We the senators-elect of the 2016/17 session across all faculties and departments on campus hereby welcome you all to today’s press conference.
The press conference has become pertinent due to the perceived misconception that might have trailed and would still trail some of our line of actions. We the senators-elect have come together under this platform to pour out our grievances and as well state our position on issues bordering on Students’ Union Elections and the general students’ welfare. We must hereby state unequivocally that we are not in any way causing  trouble as reported by some quarters; we are law-abiding and legitimate students of this prestigious institution.
Our 2016/2017 elections has continued to remain invisible despite the fact that the ban has been lifted and the SUEC has been constituted for some weeks now.
Hence, we demand the following;
1. The mandate which brought them in has expired; the students have ceased to recognize the 2015/16 Students’ Union executives, SRC and SJC; hence, the school management should not recognize them as representatives of the students henceforth.
2. That election date be fixed within the next 3 working days.
3. No member of the 2015/16 administration should be recognized as representatives of the students at the orientation programme organized for newly admitted students by the school management on 5th and 6th April, 2017.
4. No member of the 2015/16 students’ union administration should henceforth parade him/herself as the Students’ Union executive or representative.
We have made these resolutions due to the fact that our freshers are lacking information, shuttles on campus are an aberration to their existence on campus, students are being defrauded and misled, the students’ interest is no longer represented, the welfare of the student is at stake and above all, the students of AAUA are suffering in silence. And it is quite visible to the blind and audible to the deaf that the said administration has nothing to offer anymore.
We are resolute and prepared to take PEACEFUL yet STERN measures in furtherance to this cause. Thanks.


#oasismedia #LIA


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