#lifeinaaua: Exclusive Birthday Shout out To ‘Robert Preye Mary’

#lifeinaaua Exclusive #surprisemyfriend​ 29thMarch 2017 #aaua​​

 Happy birthday to Robert Preye Mary my bestie & sis from another mother, Happy birthday to you from your friend @mhiz_tynah

Full Name:-Robert preye Mary

Date:- 29th March

Sex:- Female

Department: Accounting — 400L

Hobby:- Dancing & Reading novels


State of Origin:– Ondo state

Facebook Name:- Robert preye mary

Instagram:- @tibiebi_tobo

Phone No:- 08166028***

About Me:- She is jovial, friendly & fun to be with

Favourite Quote:- Learn to appreciate what you have before time makes you to appreciate what you had

​​​​Happy Birthday to you from #teamLIA​​​​

To give someone a surprise shout out #surprisemyfriend or birthday greetings or you personally want to wish yourself, kindly contact us below..

​​Contact #teamLIA​​

CeeJay LIA™:-09053667926

Ade LIA ™:-08095645903

Daniel LIA™:-09096850875



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