#lifeinaaua: #Birthday Shoutout goes to Eliphus Jeffery’Protocol’

#lifeinaaua Exclusive #surprisemyfriend​ 28th March 2017 #aaua​

 Happy Birthday to my cute boo Eliphus Jeffery wishing you long life and prosperity, Success, wealth, good health, prosperity, More kisses to your cheek, More blessings, More funds.. (From Kemrald)​

​Full Name​:- Eliphus Jeffery

Nickname:- Protocol

Date​ :- 28th March

Sex​:- Male

Department​:- Banking and Finance

President of Banking and Finance 16/17

State of Origin:- Ondo Sate

Facebook Name:- Jeff Eli

Instagram:- eliphusjeffery_

Contact:- 08168746***

Favorite Quotes:– Anything worth doing is worth doing well…. I Yearn always For Knowledqe,Wisdom and Understanding to do that which is Just,Upright and Proper In the Sight Of God, To Humanity!!!-Jeff Eli

​​​Happy Birthday to you from #teamLIA​​​

To give someone a surprise shout out #surprisemyfriend or birthday greetings or you personally want to wish yourself, kindly contact us below..

​Contact #teamLIA​

CeeJay LIA™:- 09053667926

Ade LIA ™:-08095645903

Daniel LIA™:- 09096850875



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