#lifeinaaua: Birthday Shout out To Super Model ‘Adeniyi Ayomide Victoria’

#lifeinaaua Exclusive #surprisemyfriend​ 29th March 2017 #aaua​

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Adeniyi Ayomide Victoria on this very day am wishing you all the best in life, success, wealth, good health, prosperity, more kisses to your cheek, more blessings, more funds.. #muah​(From Attrie DNA)​
​Full Name​:- Adeniyi Ayomide victoria

Nickname:- Davina,teddiesky.

Date​ :- March 29th

Sex​:- Female

Department​:- Banking and Finance 100L

State of Origin:– Ondo State

Facebook Name:-Queen vicky

Contact:- 08161344***


Likes:- Singing, likes playing, talking, reading novels.

Dislikes:- Anything annoying.

About Me:- To know me is to love me

Favorite Quotes:- Haters don’t get angry or jealous because you can’t be like me..

​​​Happy Birthday to you from #teamLIA​​​

To give someone a surprise shout out #surprisemyfriend or birthday greetings or you personally want to wish yourself, kindly contact us below..

​Contact #teamLIA​

CeeJay LIA™:- 09053667926

Ade LIA ™:-08095645903

Daniel LIA™:- 09096850875



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