#lifeinaaua: Check out AAUA celebrant of the day ‘Adeyanju Esther’

#lifeinaaua Exclusive #surprisemyfriend #aaua

#surprisemyfriend #aaua

 Happy Birthday to my beautiful Cousin Adeyanju Esther, on this very day am wishing you all the best in life, success, wealth, good health, prosperity, love you so so much #muah  (From @Slimpearl_tho_cute)

Full Name:- Adeyanju Esther

Date :- March 26th 199*

Sex:- Female

Department:- Edu Management

Best Colour:– Blue

About Adeyanju Esther:- She loves trustworthy people and loves making friends, She is friendly and easy going, she believes in the word that hardwork pays…
Happy Birthday to you from #teamLIA
To give someone a surprise shout out #surprisemyfriend or birthday greetings or you personally want to wish yourself, kindly contact us below..

Contact #teamLIA

CeeJay LIA™:- 09053667926

Ade LIA ™:-08095645903

Daniel LIA™:- 09096850875



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