#LIFEINAAUA: Excerpts from the LIFEINAAUA team interview with the outgoing president of Namacos

Lifeinaaua team had a tete-a-tete with Comrade Oluwaseun Bamidele, outgoing president of Namacos, AAUA. Here is the full interview 

LIFEINAAUA: Good morning sir

Pman: Good Morning sir

LIFEINAAUA: Can we know you..

Pman‬: I am Oluwaseun Bamidele, a 400L undergraduate of Mass communication department, Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko. I’m the CEO, Oasis Media and Oasis Connect Ng as well as President, National Association of Mass communication Students, AAUA chapter

LIFEINAAUA: Ohh you are the president of Namacos, right?

Pman: Yes

LIFEINAAUA: How did you see the position? The Glory and challenges?

Pman: The position has been really tasking and challenging. There’s really no glory or fame about it because I still see myself as part of my people and I’ve tried to be as close as possible to everyone of them. If I’m to go deep into details, you’ll understand that human beings are the most difficult to govern. But it has been God all the way and I believe in better days ahead.

LIFEINAAUA: If you say there are no glory, then share with us some of your major achievements.

Pman: Smiles…

LIFEINAAUA: Looool. We want an answer, not your smiling face

Pman‬: Okay. ‬We had most of our achievements in the first semester of this session.

Our achievements so far…
*Repair of MRC sockets and bulbs as well as Mass COMM Lt even though they have been damaged again

*provision of basic amenities and allowances for NAMACOS sports team

*We emerged champion at FASA CHALLENGE Cup

*Imprint of names on NAMACOS new jerseys and plastic chairs

*procurement of a secretariat in the department

*subsidized printing for namacosites

*Wonderful Freshers Orientation


*Introduction of NAMACOS biweekly news bulletin

*First ever entrepreneurship training for namacosites for free

*first ever Send forth program for our 300L students going on siwes

*Courtesy visit to NAMACOS Excos in other schools in Ondo State (Rugipo specifically)

*And we’ve been able to organize a nice press week to celebrate NAMACOS 10 years anniversary. I think those are the ones I remember for now

LIFEINAAUA: Those are massive feat I must say..

Pman‬: Thanks

LIFEINAAUA: Tell me about a challenge or conflict you’ve faced at work, and how you dealt with it.

Pman‬: Well the only major conflict I’ve faced is the fact that I was accused of fund misappropriation of which is not true. You know when you’re trying to make all ends meet and satisfy everyone and yet those who were not in the struggle to see how you survived the wave just connive and make a conclusion that you’re not being loyal and transparent.
My challenges have only made me stronger and it has made me understand that no matter what you do, you cannot study human beings. And that people tend to forget the good days and place more emphasis on the weak days.

LIFEINAAUA: What branch of mass communication are you studying?

Pman‬: I’m studying mass communication in general but I’m mostly into the print media

LIFEINAAUA: In the mass communication world, students tends to create their personal media platform to complement their studies, do you have any?

Pman‬: Yes, I run two media outfits…
Oasis Media and Oasis Connect and I’m set to unveil my 2017 innovation tomorrow, January 12

LIFEINAAUA: Wow, that’s good. Congratulations in advance.

Pman‬: Thanks

LIFEINAAUA: Can you give us a peek into it?

Pman: Smiles… You want me to burst the bubble? I came to discover that in the media world in AAUA, something is still missing…
We’ve had several media organizations, several blogs, we have radio stations but we lack a TV station. I’m not building one, but I’m digitalizing one… I’m bringing in an online TV into AAUA, it’s an avenue to project ourselves, the good works of the management and AAUA at large into the global world. A big task right? Don’t worry, God is always at work to ease our stress.

LIFEINAAUA: You are regarded as one of those that resuscitated social media activities on campus, how true is that, what steps and measures did you take and how do you feel on the positive results yielded?

Pman‬: Smiles… Well, if I’m listed to be amongst those that resuscitated social media activities in AAUA, I’m honored. All I did was to bring all media personalities and bloggers together under one platform. It is only through unity that we can move forward, that is why I deemed it fit to bring us all together especially when I discovered that NUCJ AAUA chapter wasn’t functioning again.
I’m glad it has yielded alot of positive results. There’s hardly any program that will hold on campus now that media personalities will be set aside. People have come to the realization of what we can do, and our abilities as #TEAMAAUAMEDIA.

My philosophy is adding value to my Society everywhere I go…

LIFEINAAUA: What’s your management style?

Pman‬: My management style is gathering opinions before acting… I don’t depend on personal knowledge, I believe in collective management of activities. I see my surbodinates as my bosses because no man is an island of knowledge.

LIFEINAAUA: How would your bosses and co-workers describe you?

Pman‬: I really can’t say their minds but in all my endeavors with my bosses and Co workers, I’ve done my best to be the “workaholic” type of person.

LIFEINAAUA: Hmm. I guess you are praising yourself there?

Pman: I’m not… I’m only describing my relationship with my bosses and Co workers… There’s no gain in praising oneself

LIFEINAAUA: I believe you know you are leaving impacts as you graduate. You stand as role model to many. What do you have to say to your followers?

Pman‬: I have just two sentences to give out, anywhere you find yourself, add value to yourself and your environment. When you discover a potential in yourself, surround yourself with people that will make you achieve that potential and don’t leave out God in your decisions.

LIFEINAAUA: In conclusion, what would you miss when you graduate from here?

Pman‬: I’ll miss school stress, i’ll miss Bae and I’ll miss everyone that I met here in AAUA.

LIFEINAAUA: Bae or Baes’? Loool

Pman: Just one Bae o… I’m a one lady man

LIFEINAAUA: Alright sir. Thank you for your time. We wish you success in your remaining exams and a smooth sailing out of campus.

Pman‬: Amen… Thanks alot… I anticipate lifeinaaua’s signature on my sign out day…



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