#lifeinaaua: Dasuki….Dasuki…..Dasuki…. By:Amos Isaac Tasheyon.

Every democratic society has the unnegiotiable mandate to protect,uphold and improve the principles,tenets and spirits that defines the fabric of such practice. Due process,respect for institutions and adherence to the rule of law by every individual and government agencies inclusive are subject to the dictates of the law. The name Sambo Dasuki mark off december 2015 has being the notorious face of the onslaught of the present administration’s fight against corruption,he is the “biggest devil” that has been caught in the web and anti corruption crusade onslaught the president Mohammadu Buhari administration has taken upon its self as its pioritised pursuit to purge the nation from the scourge of corruption rooted steep deep in institutions and infamous legitimacy it seems to hold sway in the society.
Sambo Dasuki is standing trial before three distinct courts of coordinate jurisdictions bordering on money laundering and financial misappropriations allegations and also possession of arms and ammunitions that were illegal….we get more from the charge sheet. However since the commencement of his trial he subsequently was granted bail by three courts but the Federal Government,Economic and financial crimes commission has been denied bail even after fulfilling bail conditions security operatives,who have held him incarcerated have sighted national security threat if he was released.
The judgement of the Economic community of West African states courts on Tuesday in a ruling filed by his defense team,the act of the Federal Government continued detention of Sambo and other three by the Federal government has being greeted with rebuke to the government as “illegal and infringement on fundamental human rights” of Colonel Dasuki over a year and a #15million fine was pounded on the F.G and ordered his release. The sub regional court doesn’t have the structure to enforce their decisions and depend on member states to enforce it. Legal lumineers have labelled the judgement as merely persuasive with no enforcement mechanism,but Nigeria as a lead nation in the sub regional group will be undermining the viability of the court if the decision was unimplemented. Nigerian laws provides for the right of every Nigerian to fair trial and must be convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction not deffering the options of appeal before being punished for any legislatively coded crime with ascribable punitive sanctions. I don’t hold brief for Dasuki but as minister of the temple of justice in view,every state pursuit must be in tandem with the spirit and letters of the law,we weaken our institutions,highbrow individual interests as opposed to national interest if certain government officials and public officials flagrantly abuse power to pursue personal vendetta. If we are fighting corruption the percieved atmostphere and measures we employ will define how sane and sustainable the drive will endue. If the pursuit is not driven by the noble desire of having an accountable and transparent society it will loose it steam and hush off into the gutters if its only a mechanism to clamp down on percieve opposition and “political enemines”. The corroding element in the Nigeria society is premised on the fact that individual makes institutions,our institutions do not work out independently but are held bound on the whims and capricies of individuals at the helm of affairs at a particular time,so far shackling the nation on the overwhemling influences and interferences of powerful persons.
The judiciary as a neutral body has being vested with the powers as arbiter in the state by the constitution and retains the sole right of conviction of any persons accused of having erred against the laws of the land,government agencies are bound by their dictates to fully implement their decisions efficiently,effectively and biasless and thing less of this undermines the corporate existence of the Nigeria state if persons entrusted with public powers use such to perpetrate personal vendetta.
The DSS,EFCC and the federal government must prove its case against Dasuki and others,media trial is not the ideal approach to fighting corruption,the fight against corruption only succeeds when an accused his convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction,we are bored of this newspaper corruption fight sensation,our anti graft agencies must stand field its seriousness in the courts not media briefing convictions,fight against corruption must pioritised and be about independence and competence of our institutions vested with such powers ability to battle it out and pound any individual great or small if he has erred.

*Isaac writes from Legal Kekenke


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