I decided to write this piece just to explain some things about the strike and resumption after receiving various questions by AAUITEs.

Tuesday has come
and gone and still no resumption yet, this is simply because of lack of understanding from the people who posted that resumption is scheduled for yesterday.

First, ASUU is the reason why #teamAAUA is at home, if ASUU wasn’t on strike the university won’t be on recess, don’t forget ASUU announced the commencement of the strike July 4 after their congress, and on August 8 the VC ordered students to go on recess. That’s almost a month after the strike commenced, people where still in Akungba hoping but the message from the VC was meant to make people leave town.

Now after months of negotiations ASUU finally accepted to take two months, payment has been made then the next step to resumption;

  • First ASUU will be expected to suspend the strike in their next Congress (which would hold today), after they accept to suspend the strike in the Congress, a statement will be released just the way they released it when they commenced the strike.

  • Next, the university management will be expected to release a circular announcing recall from recess and stating a resumption date.

  • As we all know time has really gone, the calendar has been affected seriously, as a matter of fact today should end this semester according to the last calendar, so we can safely suggest that the university management will choose the next Monday which is 10th of October as resumption date, expecting halls of residence to be opened by Sunday 9th of October.

  • Until all this happens, please let’s calm our eagerness and wait for official statements, who knows the management might decide to pick Monday 17th as resumption date maybe probably to have time to refresh things  (maybe redraw another calendar for the semester).
    Akinnibosun Alex Mayowa
    Initiator AAUAAMEBO MEDIA (Since 2012)

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