#lifeinaaua: ​The place of Nigerian youth in Nation building!By:Amos Isaac Tasheyon.

I got a message recently from a loving and ardent reader of my write ups he asked me a thought bristling question. The question read:”sir do you think sincerely that the Nigerian youths are ready for goverance?

Affirmative yes! The plight of the Nigerian youth in this great nation is critical, critical in a relative sense. The Nigerian youths  demographical powerful but are brutally politically powerless and play less role in goverance and pivotal decision making processes of the country. According to the National Bureau of Statistics Nigeria has a teeming youthful population of more than a 80million persons between the ages of 15-35 which is the most populated category of her population,that’s twice the population of Ghana,twice the population of South-Africa,if the Nigerian youths will break away today and incept its own republic we will quite be more populated than tons of countries across the world. The circumstance the Nigeria youth finds itself in the country is however lamentable,about eighty percent of this population are acutely unemployed or are engaged in jobs that’s erodes fulfillment and are just doing it to eke a living and stay alive.

The Nigerian government has a National policy for youths but are only meant for the archives it remains a blue print accompained with cobwebs in the courier of the Ministry of Youth affairs,the youths are disturbingly legally barred from vying for public offices by the constitution and can only be active decision makers on attainment of a particular age before being legally certified to compete or be considered for some public office. The dilemna is shall we leave the door of public office open to naïve, experience crude generation for the sake of empowering the youths and what have the ones that have been given such opportunities repose back with conmensurate high level expectations or have just danced to the tune or probably worst off than the older generation we constantly accuse of been clueless, greedy and harbinger of our evil days. “Dimeji Bankole and co”.

We can’t rob peter to pay paul,this percieved failures will never represent the numerous young people that have fought against every physical and artificial hurdle with no straps in their boot but have engrafted their names heroically in their personal pursuits,they abound in nollywood,music industry,business world,corporate organisations,sports, academics the list goes on and on. The enabling environment is just bereft,I heard about Abdul Jalil Jalil director of General Motors U.S he his a Nigerian from Sokoto state and has used his idea and creativity to help develop cars that suits and befits sub sahara Africa,he was born in Nigeria,raised in Sokoto am sure no one gazed his direction until he was poached by the U.S. Another brilliant young soul with cutting edge leadership finesse is the youngest serving commisioner in Nigeria Okoye Mark commissioner for economic planning Anambra state,you hear of the intelligent pallitives governor Obiano Willie gave his people to cushion the effects of the recession from oil less Anambra state,thumbs up to him.

Being youth is being fearless,less pessimistic,strong,ready to explore,technologically savvy,driven  dreams and aspirations. Nigerian youths are enormously contributing to national development barring the leadership neglect and possess the most substainable lee way for development of our nation,we are not kekenapep riders,okada riders,political thugs,insurgents,millitants…..its the poverty of the mind ochestrated by collosal lack of education and total breakdown of government people connectedness that has drag us into the mud,a society that neglects its youths neglects its tommorrow.

However a clarion call to everyone of us,leaders of tommorrow are only learners of today,those who are assidously given to their call and never give up the chase,we must rise up and do great things,those who love the fence better alight off because their is tremour alrdy and its about to go down,we must actively be involved in fixing our nation.
*Isaac writes from Legal Kekenke


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