#lifeinaaua: ​Frankly speaking;Peter ObiBy:Amos Isaac Tasheyon.

Frankly speaking;Peter Obi
By:Amos Isaac Tasheyon.When I was governor of Anambra state I spent ten million on a trip to Abuja,with about thirty entourage on the forth trip I realised I was the only one that was needed in Abuja,so I decided to travel alone and save the money;Nigerians it is time to take your own destiny into your hands,especially you young people,take back your country it is your future they are toying with,get involved in politics”
Peter Obi former governor of Anambra state.
That were extracts from the most revelling speech of the day on october 1st 2016 at the PLATFORM SEMINAR a leadership summit parley organised by Channels Television where notable dignitaries were invited to expound on various national issues of interest.
When former governor Peter Obi descended the podium it was an explosion of chagrin from the gentlemen and women audience everyone giggle and wrinkled with bitter exhalation when he munched out those words,it wasn’t an economic expert probably disgusted with the government or a blogger who wants traffic on his blog,neither was it some human right activist or disgruntled politician it was one of the so called elite that was easperated on by the way this so called selfish,henious hearted,jaundicers who have hypocritically manouvred people’s mind and enjoy the people’s sacred trust into public office profligately fritter our commonwealth away and leave us in the lurch of brutal suffering and corroding the future off for the worst even for generation on born.
Public office is so gratifyingly alluring and merchantily in this part of the world that they will rather die than not win elections. But it is suppose to be service to humanity,no that’s not the Nigerian perception it is the most lucrative money making franchise,only a few less value adding folks numbering about 469 fritters off about 155billion off the national coffers yearly without generating a dime as revenue for government,but to your huricane 55 complete shocker,their is still an institionalized corruptive system pads the national expenditure dastardly theively and wear a corruption muffler in support of stealing,their is even no more honor amongst theives.
The cost of goverance is just too bogus,the nation is currently recession plagued,what sane government exist on this noble planet that wouldn’t have cut salaries of public office holders and introduce austerity measures not here in Nigeria,the oil money has dipped,no more sharing big from the big pot of money,we might not be able to augment the budget 30percent but presidential fleet and the 150million bullet proof cars must be imported.
I don’t want to wail,kick and sob and rant like a noise-maker its only a wake up call for the youths to read the ropes and the signs its foretells,until Haiti was reduced to nothing the parasites will not let the sleeping dog lay in peace.
Get involved and do something great,save our country from the ravenous claws of this rampaging looters who are just undermining our tommorrow,not with a greedy inordinate desire for euphemeral gains but for service to humanity,in the words of Mahatma Ghandi who was born on this day he says”A small spirits of determined spirits fired by unquenchable faith in the mission can alter history…..be the change you want to see” Arise oh compatroit Nigeria young people and save the future the looters aint gonna stop until we say STOP!
We must ask for more transparency and accountability,ploughing of resource wastages and over duplication of government parastals,strengthen our institutions and most pertinently reduce to the barest minimum the cost of governance if Peter Obi could save 368million from refurbishing a fire razed government house and invest it into building roads and infrastructutal developments then we should appreciate heed for a more pragmatic fight against corruption.

*Isaac writes from Legal kekenke…


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